Friday, February 14, 2014

Talk in Bristol by 'environmental legend' Jonathon Porritt, Tues 18 Feb

Jonathon Porritt talk in Bristol next Tues 18 Feb, about generating real hope of sustainability by 2050. 

Want to have realistic hope for our survival in 2050?  Interested in future business, energy, economics, food distribution, technology etc.? 

You can meet environmental legend and futurologist, Sir Jonathon Porritt at his presentation of "The World We Made" at Yes Group Bristol, 7.30pm -10.15pm next Tues 18th Feb (doors open 7p.m), Engineers House, The Promenade, Bristol, Avon BS8 3NB

His ground breaking, illustrated book in the words of Alex McKay, a teacher looking back from 2050, tells the story of how we got from where we are today (in a pretty bad way, environmentally) to a much better place in the future. More details here

Best value tickets are online, 2 for £5 each, 1 for £7 or £10 on the night from 7p.m (includes complimentary tea and coffee). 

Reviews by Richard Branson, Joanna Lumley and others...

'Jonathon Porritt's book dreams big, as if our future depends on it. And it does.' Richard Branson

'I am absolutely bowled over by the brilliance of The World We Made. Its far-sightedness and complete grasp of all the challenges the world is going to face is one thing; to write this charming, easy, accessible, optimistic vision, is really something else.' Joanna Lumley

'A brilliant evocation of how it could turn out right for us by 2050!' Oliver James

'Jonathon Porritt does not avoid calamity, nor does he cave in to Doomsday. His crystal ball throws light on the world of our grandchildren. Uplifting stuff from the pen of one of the world's great futurologists!' Bob Brown

'Only Jonathon Porritt could have produced such an imaginative but believable book about sustainability. Alex Mackay's account of how, by 2050, human ingenuity has cracked it, makes me wish I was going to live to see it.' Prue Leith

'Jonathon Porritt has found both the facts and the spirit required for imagining the future!' Bill McKibben

There will be time for Q & A, and book signing.
Tickets here

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